Soul Searching



Fatema, Azra, Aasia, Marium and Batool

Realised the power of prayers

They invoked in tears,  earnestly the Divine

And were lit by pure light, heavenly.

In bleak nights, they glowed

Like fireflies and effervescent stars

Shining in distant prussian blue skies,

And lit up many desolate deserted homes.

Soulful prayers shake sleepy gods

Whose heads might look up at heavens

But desires drag them down,

Because they realise not

Their feet are mere clay,

Bound to earthly pedestals.

So, who’s to say divinity resides only in man?


Mumtaz N Khorakiwala

( Batool Idrish Siamwala)


Picture courtesy: Nathan Dumlao

Fatema/ Batool, Azra, Marium and  Aasia are some of the most powerful women in monotheistic religions they are endowed with the power of manifestation, but choose divine will over their desire.

They have succeeded in achieving justice  when vying with male rulers.


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Written by Mumtaz N K

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