Song of the Road!

When i travel on highways, i find a stunning similarity

With numerous untold stories, the alleys stare at me,

These never-ending highways and their hidden sentiments

Am I the only one who reads them with excitement?

Be it the jet black path strewn with countless dreams

Or the laments of thick canopies adorning the rims,

The distant paddy fields or somewhere  the barren earth

Narrates endless cold tales that’ll warm the heart,

The many faces that pass by these stationed spirits

Croons a mystical song wrapped in earthly lyrics,

The tiny shacks selling refreshments are a travellers delight

On a deserted highway, they are often a blissful sight,

The rhythmic hymn of the wind at different places

Leaves an imprint inside you, tempered with yore’s traces,

From daybreak to nightfall the road-wheel affair continues

The wet breeze, the foliage sights, the soggy morns, instils life anew,

Ambling I wonder, the meandering aisles, the vacant roads, the bumpy rides

Are they merely highways or the undulating journey of life?💚

Pic Courtesy: pexel


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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
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