I stand on the pinnacle

Of the snow clad mountains

Touching the blue skies

Glacial winds whistle all over

Overcome by self glorification at the height

Is it disdain that gives me might

I dared to ascend

To see a wider world

Inept clan I hurled

As I strive to stay at the summit

I look down at the descent

Tiny specks sighted so remote

Dizziness felt and body afloat

Is it solitude that causes faintness

Or conceit that causes emptiness

Feel desolation cloaked by ambivalence

I let out a bellow

Only to hearmy echo

Hunker down in despair

Hands joined in prayer

My feeble tone invokes

Can you hear me

Can you hear me!

_ Pradnya Surve

Image Thanks to Jeremy Bishop courtesy Unsplash


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Written by Pradnya Surve

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