Smiles so many

Smiles come in different shapes and sizes,

Some real but a few, just disguises.

A cheerful smile can pep up someone’s day,

By keeping all the worries far at bay.

A kind smile is a harbinger of amity and peace,

Helps positive relationships to exponentially increase.

A joyful smile can bring down trickling tears,

Denoting a hard earned victory without succumbing to fears.

A divine smile bestows people with grace,

Though rare we must remember to embrace.

A naughty smile, playful but not bold,

Watch out for the interesting fibs being told.

A loving smile accompanied by a longing gaze,

Causes a sizzling heart and sets it ablaze.

A silent smile to control augmenting anger,

Can prevent broken bridges and enemies surrender.

A painful smile hides many stories untold,

Lend your listening ears to let them unfold.

A cruel smile dressed up with despise and hate,

Pushes many into the hands of abominable fate.

A simple feature that can be worn in a multitude of ways,

When rightly chosen can increase the beauty of your face.


Picture Credit: Pixabay


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