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Sleeping Beauty

Have you ever looked at

A sleeping child?

Often we are chided from

Looking at them.

But one can’t take the

Eyes of that charming moon.


They smile in sleep

As though, they saw a beautiful flower,

Or probably their favourite toy.

They cry in sleep,

As though a monster came in dreams,

Or their toy was snatched.


They laugh out loud,

As though they are talking to friends,

Or playing with them.

Their lips and brows frown,

As though they are angry

With their friends.


You move closer to them,

To gaze at the lovey face,

You can see them feel

Your presence around,

And they acknowledge that

With a sweet little smile.


This calmness and peace,

Can be found only in children,

As they are far away from the

Maddening and demanding world,

And that makes them,

The real Sleeping Beauties.


Pic Courtesy : Kevin Keith on Unsplash

Kirti V


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Written by Kirti V

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