Sita's Plea

Sita poured her heart out 

To the silent trunks and endless trees

“If nature were my lover

I’d sing about no city,

No paens, I’d write about its glory.

Fear no ridicule, 

Neither would I cringe at mockery

I’d rush into its serene embrace

And trail through shadowy trees.

Into the balmy forest laden with mahogany 

Rosewood and ebony, I’d walk for hours

Breathing scents, woodsy, tangy and spicy,

 That have long mesmerized me.

I’d let its arms comfort me

Be spellbound by jungle’s sorcery

That leads me away from the throbbing city.

No visitor I’d need, 

For solitude would be my sole company,

And sunlight would stream through trees.

Into the yarn of my life, each moment

I’d string pearls of beauty, blissfully.

A forest dweller for life, I’d be.

I’d bid goodbye to all, 

Sigh though my heart yearns

No more shall Ayodhya see me…”


©Mumtaz N Khorakiwala

(Batool Idrish Siamwala)


Picture courtesy: yapo zhou

This poem is pure fiction,  by no means does it intend to hurt religious sentiments.


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Written by Mumtaz N K

Trainer, reader, littérateur  & wayfarer...many selves wrapped in one physicality

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