Silly rants of the heart

I wish I were the tranquil moonlight

soothing your tired spirit every night


I wish I were the first rays of daybreak

infusing you the strength to strive when weak


I wish I were the first raindrops that touch your lips

render your soul with an ineffable crave for a kiss


I wish I were the curvy glorious rainbow

erasing every shade of grey, ensuring that you shine and glow.


I wish I were the fragrance captured in the glass bottles

kissing and caressing every inch of your pores.


I wish I were the boundless loyal sky

blanketing you day and night even when u bid me goodbye.


I wish I were the flirty calming breeze

snuggling, fondling you like the wind does to the trees.


I wish I were the twinkling star watching you from afar

fulfilling every dream of yours I’d heartily melt into the air. 💚

Pic courtesy: pixabay


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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
For Life is a Gift💚

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