Silence is my friend

For my parents I was most precious

Bubbly child because I was loquacious

An inquisitive mind

Ideas would wind

I enjoyed attention

Though sometimes got detention

In all the brightness

Though was a dark spot

But still was a leader

Being a Chatter

Ahead in my journey

I was covered by a cloak

In a crowd of friends

I struggled to find myself

With my mask of glee

Leader they still found me

People thought I was a social bird

Surrounded by friends, awards conferred

Who am I

A search was high

Solitude and desolation

Made me cry

A talkative me

Could not express

I wish my loneliness is discovered

Though fear my feelings will be uncovered

Loquacious self is now withdrawn

Silence is my only friend now on


What do you think?


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Written by Pradnya Surve

PP Pioneer

Come lets see it again….

I wish a Writer loved Me!