Shunyata- Nothingness




Nothing was there, to nothing we return. 

Seek the ever unfolding horizon;

All’s a mirage, life’s naught but illusion.

Each being  walks the forking path to turn,

Moulting skin, physical debris- to learn 

What has been unlearnt!   minds often play

Succumbing to daemons of flesh- the wants.

Souls wither,  they wilt, yearning for silence

Yet doomed cityscapes house little fragrance.

Turn away! let wilderness be your haunt,

Or, turn to sea, let waves be company.

They echo sea shanties; sailors ditties.

Tales of yore from ancient lands and cities 

Mourn:  no Ulysses can forever be. 

The wick burns fast, crushing man’s vanity.

 And then through  eons  a  stillness cascades 

Over deafening time that weaves and braids

Tales that softly fade into oblivion.

Time churns newer stories that fate might shun,

Propelling blindfolded through light and shades!

Whither else wilt thou turn, oh  doomed mortal 

Neither deep, nor forest offer solace.

Turn inwards, behold that which is flawless,

Embrace nothingness, let it not startle.

Align with time’s spiral, none’s immortal.

Leap beyond the chimera, away veer,

Knowing all that appears must  disappear.

Seek not life in a dot – gone in a blink,

Like hope lost in battles where captured sink.

Steer thy boat into waters serene. Steer!


 © Mumtaz N Khorakiwala
Picture courtesy: Hans Vivek

Syllables played a trick on me!

 Instead of eight here’s a ten syllabled Decima.

Gosh it was a pleasure writing, but keeping an account of  syllables and rhyme scheme throughout was gruelling.

Please give it a read, I’d love to hear from you.  It’s based on a very Indian idea…….


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