She Grieves



Do you not see my baby sleeps?

He lies still in a dreamless slumber,

Speak in whispers, Oh, bring down the din!

For my heart lies cold and encumbered.


My baby sleeps, his visage at rest

His pallid body in my lithe arms,

But he feels so lifeless, it breaks me!

I hold his tiny fist in my palms.


He came into the world, all silent

My Momma-ears ached to hear him cry

My hostile womb became his grim grave

Could he have lived once before he died?


My questions will remain unanswered

My days emptied, bereft of color,

But if you could do me one favour?

Change these blue walls; make it duller.  



What do you think?


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Written by Anne Adarsh


Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus