Sempiternal childhood

Mother’s womb

A cosy space

Her arms a cradle

Of love and affection

My childhood began in  a warm happy nest

A joyful journey was the rest

Little hands and little feet

Small steps guided

With tenderness and endearment

Entered a haven

Of cognition and recreation

Surrounded by teachers and peers

Abode of friendship and nurturance

Playfulness though innocence abound

Pranks and mischief for amusement

Balanced Education and entertainment

Alas! Time zips past

Stepped into the big world

Innocence and laughter suppressed

Adopted wild ways

To fight getting oppressed

An ongoing struggle for survival

Longing for a time reversal

Uncomplicated childhood revival

Rewind to smoother times

Unwind to cheerful chimes

Look and probe

For the child within

Hoping again

For childhood to begin

– Pradnya Surve


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Written by Pradnya Surve

A child counsellor and teacher, enjoyed every moment of motherhood
My Masters degree in Child Development and Family Relations is a value addition to a basic affinity towards people

Reading and writing is passion inherited from my family who were voracious readers, lovers of art and theatre

I am fortunate to nurture my interests having a life partner with similar interests. My children too are taking forward the legacy

Proud to be associated with Artoonsinn which is family for me

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