Sands of Time

Restless, like a mighty cascade, thou hast flow

Flow towards the ground soul, thou dost touch, zephyr blows

Blows with the mighty satiny wings

Wings evaporate that, my slippery sandy moments 

Moments, ethereal, leave behind memories to glow

Glow, tight I clench, but, tiny granules flow

Flow with it, as, a prey I am, unable to stagnant

Stagnant time stench though, let it flow

Flows to nudge and go, my momentary existence

Existence, aplomb in each moment

Moment each, I breathe, is a God’s gift

Gift of a smile, balmy lingers, wound every it heals

Heals the time too, a silken scarlet healer, for a sanguine time

Time is the indelible rule of nature

Nature of time, challenge that none, if gone against, thou hast bear fruits of deeds, here

Here only, now only, good pearlscent  deeds

Deeds reflecting thy image sublime

Sublime and something true, indeed is, in each moment

Moment present, bound to culminate too, though, but angelic, hovers till eternity

Eternity, I find, pray, in every golden grain of Omnipotent Hourglass

Hourglass, thy strict conduct, I bow down, until I become dust

Pooja Mandla


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Written by Pooja Mandla

An educator by profession but a word weaver by passion. She likes to enjoy little things in life, not waiting for the bigger ones to come her way.ย  She had done her graduation in the medical stream but often was lost in the literal beauty of words. So after graduation, she studied literature and did her MPhil in English. She believes that the secret ingredient for spreading happiness is writing. So, whenever her energetic kids permit, she expresses her thoughts in words. Writing keeps her going and has given a new shape to her life.