ArtoonsInn Rulfy policy was introduced to bring unity in learning and sharing.

#Rulfy is a request among participants in an event held at any room at ArtoonsInn, roughly translating to, “I have checked your work and shared my opinion on it. Could you please check mine and tell me what you think of it, too?”

Now, you may respond to their #Rulfy request by sharing your opinion on their work along with the hashtag #rulfied.


Artoon Jane Doe’s comment on Artoon John Doe’s poem:

Hey John! What a lovely poem! Loved the way you the poem was rhymed. It was so lyrical – I almost sang it to myself. #rulfy

Artoon John reads this comment and seeing the ‘rulfy’ (request), responds to Artoon Jane Doe by reading her poem and telling her about it:

This was such an emotional poem. Loved the way you were brave enough to tackle this theme via your words. The poem kind of lost its rhythm towards the end and felt like it moved from poem to prose. Perhaps you can tune it out to keep the essence?   #rulfied

See that hashtag at the end – “#rulfied”? That’s how the Rulfy Policy has successfully been carried out by both parties.

ArtoonsInn watchers hope to see all artoons following the Rulfy Policy fairly without ignoring the #rulfy requests. This policy ensures poets at ArtoonsInn supporting each other in learning and sharing.

Note: You can ignore Rulfying if there is no #Rulfy request.