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Behold! The children

On the roundabout,

At the fair.

Smiling faces,

Infectious giggles,

Wind in the hair.

But what’s this?

Some children are missing out,

They are scared to ride the roundabout.


I see myself in these children sitting- out,

Not partaking in the fun of riding a roundabout.

Scared that if I ventured,

My breakfast would be out.

Then I realised about the roundabout and life.

A blessed opportunity doesn’t knock twice.

Stood I on that roundabout,

And shut my mouth tight.

Held I, onto the reins

Of my beautiful, God-given, Life.


Pic credit: Unsplash: Jason Mitrione.


#Roundabout: British word for Merry-go-round.


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Written by Natasha Sequeira

PP Pioneer

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