Rhythm Divine!

The dark clouds thundered like an empty stomach rumble

The azure sky turned charcoal grey in anticipation

Low high the heavy moisture floated in bloating

And then the downpour finally appeared in an ecstasy

The generous big ones fell down vehemently

Rolling down in inertia of happiness

The small droplets drizzled in minutest iotas

Like sparkling glitterati in the celebration of rains

The heavy pouring on the tin roof splattered

The splashes and sploshes running down the top

the therapeutic white noise relaxing the days burn

Tranquilizing the foliages, sedating the canopies!

The pinging drops hit the tin in triumph

And scatter in felicity, spreading good cheer

The verdure, the vigor of the preening flora

Elicit crisp freshness in my spirits

My every brood, every concern gets dissolved

Slowly and eloquently, in the merriments of this sound

The pattering of rains are rhythm divine,

rhythm of mystic self transcendence

Where I’m uplifted from the vagaries of normalcy

In meditative mindfulness to sheer pleasure

Experiencing the wet indulgent weather

In all its austerity, in all its grandeur!


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Written by Daisy Bala

I’m a blogger, author and poet who loves nature and derives her musings from the ethereal natural beauty around her. I write in English and Hindi both the languages!

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