Rewriting my destiny

Thank you to all the naysayers,

Who said it can’t be done by you,

That egged me to be the player,

And to lethargy, bid adieu!


I worked night long to ace the game,

Scanned the books, deciphered the codes

While they mocked, making ‘hall of fame’?

Hah! Your dry pearly episodes!


But did I break? Of course, I did,

And let those dark lachrymose tale

Wash down my sunken grim eyelids,

As they gave me the tag of frail.


I rewrote the old dynamics,

Wait folks! Not the end of the story,

Tweaked and redefined the tactics,

Yes! Better late than be sorry!


Note: Photo by Alesia Kazantceva on Unsplash


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Written by Amrita Lahiri

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