Rewinding Life

As I draw the curtains of my eyes,
My ears imbue with a sweet reprise.
The Mohagany that I quelled,
Is rocking me to eternal sleep.
Echoes ring from the corridors,
Maa pleading ”Baban one morsel more”.
The languid heart is prodding the eyes
in slumber,
A little child I could remember.
Running bare feet on the scorching pitch
the roads, across the farms,
Devouring wild fruits guzzled river in  the bowl of       palms,
When the clouds worked the whole day,
He floated paper boats on the way.
Autumn brushed his cheeks red,
Still, he loved walking  on the crumbling
leaves instead.
Then concrete jungle took him away,
Life turned to a dissonant play.
Parched feet ran an everlasting race,
No destination, no solace.
If I could pause and rewind,
I could plunge in the ocean of love entwined.
Tears and moonlight flood my closed eyes,
A blurred tranquil road awaits the other side.
The aroma of mothers sweat mingles in the breath of mine,
Maa the shadow at the tranquil path is it thine?
The autumn breeze sings a repose lullaby!

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    • Parul, I owe my poetry to you. I am blessed to have met you, who has pushed me here. I feel like I belong to this platform. Tears in your eyes shows you have plunged in my words..your love keeps me going!❤️

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Written by Aarti Roy

A free soul, passionate dancer and wordsmith❤️

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