I do have the power to grant your wish, child
Bring the old machine out of hiding, breathe magic into it
And rewind the tape
To a time when mistakes were limited to ink marks on a page
To a time where you were yet to chart your path
When unknowingly you were writing your script
And whisper into your ear a different story…

I can rewrite your story and wipe away the regrets, innumerable
Tear away the pages where the ink has bled into your heart and stained it, unwashable
Writeva different story instead
Where when you give (and how you give, girl!), you take as well
Where every step forward doesn’t mean two steps back
Where you are whole to begin with and all the way through…

But then, would you be as powerful as you are today?
Would you be the same woman?
If you hadn’t loved and lost, and loved again, and lost again
Wouldyou then love yourself, enough to take chances?
Would you then be naive and yet hold ages of wisdom
Would you then hold destiny in your hand (and though with trembling heart), leap into the unknown?
And be fire and water, storm and rain, all at once

Rewind then, and erase your regrets, if you must
But be prepared to be overwritten


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Written by Amrita Chowdhury

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