If only, I could press the rewind button

I would go back to my childhood days

To stay there forever-

Never wanting to grow up.


I’d enjoy the days

Uninterrupted by so called

Grown up worries and

Roam around carelessly.


Run behind a butterfly,

Laugh without a reason

Share the toy of the season

Happiness will brim in every small thing.


Need not live a complicated life

Relying only on hopes.

Drinking all the toxicity

In the name of maturity.


No pressure of being politically correct.

No ideologies to keep and follow.

Free from biases, judgements and

Microscopic examination of character.


Freedom from pressure of being an ideal.

A space to breathe and be truly yourself

That takes decades to achieve

After many a trial and error.

* * * * *


What do you think?


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Leave a Reply


Written by Minati Pradhan

Writer and author, who loves music, art, food and conversation. Enthusiastic about life. A perennial positive person who also happens to be a independent researcher.

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