Revive Replenish Rejuvenate 

Section 144, city mayor calls,

Slamming the rule, gatherings stall,

Cinemas, malls and offices closed,

Forcing all to quarantine imposed.


Whatsapp, news worry begets,

Soon realise, no use to fret,

We laze on bed till morning late,

Work from home is the rule, my mate.


Lying on bed, I saw her dimple face,

O’ so long, I noticed her gown lace,

Her soft, serene face I behold,

Been ages, I noticed her body folds.


I slid out, before her, this one time,

Simmer some tea, with aroma fine,

Caress my queen, with a gentle kiss,

Surprising her, with things, i know she missed.


Sip some love, brewed, well blend,

Fill our senses with, fragrance of, time well spend,

A delectable morning, simmering on slow flame,

Thanks to Corona, we refresh our love games.


What do you think?


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Written by Aradhna Shukla

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