It’s the same venue,

Each time, every time,

He is dressed in a sunny smile,

And I, I’m wearing a fluttering heart,

Like the very first meeting,

Decades ago.


He offers a bouquet of tender words,

An emollient that I wrap around my soul,

Salving the festering wounds.


He listens to me whining,

About my incurable melancholy,

Patiently, in wise silence,

Borrowing all my worries,

Wringing out all pain.


‘Come along with me?’ I plead.

He smiles some more,

Filling the crevices with his empathy.

And then, like a fading faraway music,

He dissolves into nothingness.


I long for more time,

To soak in his calming radiance,

But I know, I know it’s time to go home,

And wait… for yet another dream.


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