I’ve been struggling 

With the echoes of memories;

Conversations from the past

Playing on loop within me

Intruding and retracing 

Its way into my tranquil mind.

The years that’d gone by

Details that were nuanced

Emotions that slowed time 

Words of sheer desperation

Pain that was colossal 

Moments that threatened 

To rip me apart and do me in

An unforgettable heartache

Everything that simply faded 

And quietly dwindled into

Nothingness, without a strain.

An irreplaceable memory

Becoming a mere name.

Still, I feel something

An unmistakable emotion,

Similar to agony or guilt 

For all the words- 

Both spoken and unspoken-

Had become too heavy to hold.

And yet, I knew that it was love

Which felt right, then wrong;

A love that left with baby steps 

Never to return, like time that turns. 


What do you think?


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Written by Abinaya

Arunima Sinha

Walk the talk