Dear Woman,


I pondered over it for way too long

An ode would do or

Should I instead pen a song

For thy deeds shall no more go unsung


I pondered over it day and night

How can all wrongs be set right

How can the ugly truths be altered

How shall my respect for thee be declared?


I pondered over it every passing moment

To seek a way out of atonement

For tying thy spirit to chains of obligation

For pushing thee down to lay my foundation


All pondering done, I hereby announce

All my sins shall henceforth be renounced

From sunrise till sunset,

One whole day to celebrate thy superpowers


Thee shall be put up on a pedestal

Decorated, thee shall be sung praises to

I shall look up, my pride all bloated

Thee shall thus, bow to me. Incredible!


From a well-wisher.




A golden opportunity that it was

Shame it is, but the Woman declined

A deal with self she made instead

She shall no more ‘choose’ to lag behind

She shall have no forbidden territories

She shall break free if ever be chained

Pedestal or hymns, she would never seek

She shall march ahead, aware that her past did reek


Thus, a day she marked to help her remind

Of the promise she made to mankind


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Written by Itali Madhusmita

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