Rain drenched

I wish I could tell you

How like the rain you are

Planting a smile on my lips

Making buds in my heart bloom

Nourishing my parched soil

Soothing my frayed senses

With your healing presence.

I often fiddle with the thought

Of baring my secret stories,

Of telling you how you are

My favourite part of the planet,

The sky on which I paint my heart,

The everything to my nothing.

As words slide, ready to pour out

As my heart glimmers with your name

And my hand yearns to give shape

To the magic that is You

I pause, β€˜what will I gain?’

I don’t wish to fetter you in words,

And contracts and promises,

I don’t fancy a just and fair barter.

I silence the bubbling thoughts

Jostling to gush out of every crevice.

I am willing to pay the price


What do you think?


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