The dark clouds couldn’t hold any more

They broke open and rains pour in

While the clouds drift away for their inflated ego

The rain’s humility blesses all.

The parched earth with its sagging figures

Renews its energies and welcomes the gentle rain.

The pouring rain removes the scorching heat

Once again planting the seeds of a new and fresh life.

The child in me goes back to bygone days

When rains meant unlimited and unrestrained fun,

The paper boat, the muddy puddle and the power-cuts

The saline waters trickle down my cheeks!

The adult me fails to break the fetters

Looking at the rain from the window pane

Again with tears rolling down from pain and anguish

Such a difference yet so much same!

When the rain loses its patience it seethes

I, too, seem to lose my patience and grace

May be I’ll become a nightmare now

And pose a threat to those ruthless men!

©Amrita Mallik


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Written by Amrita Mallik

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