Quiver full of arrows

Bound with sorrow, lips quivering

You stand there in disbelief

The earth goes on in its random motion

While the ground has shifted beneath your feet

Emotion laden waves heaving

Won’t be released, no not today

Because you can’t believe what you have lost

No matter the world’s dictum, your heart simply cannot obey

Lightening tears up the skies

Large drops of rain come crashing down

The heavens now weep for you

Because your eyes can’t shed a drop

There will be another time to grieve

Some other day to mourn and cry

Now the pain’s too sharp to ignore

Today it’s your biggest ally

You reach inside and give it shape

A phantom spirit will haunt tomorrow

Forged in the pit of pain and anger

You fashion a quiver full of arrows

Sharpened with guilt and revenge

These arrows, beware, know their mark

Strung on the bow of loneliness

They hunt out their targets even in the dark

But however many you may shoot

Out in the world, for whom who knows

Though your quiver empties out one day

The knife inside stills bleeds your heart


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Written by Amrita Chowdhury

Quiet Introspection

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