In the deepest corners of my mind, there is a space reserved for questions

A few thousand unanswered questions, if not more

Questions asked, yet never answered –

 maybe they were irrelevant, maybe I didn’t ask them right

Some I was too afraid to voice – what if I didn’t like what they had to say, what if the truth was better left alone??

Some I didn’t know how to frame – not because I lacked the words, rather the emotions felt alien

Many I didn’t get a chance to express, they lay forgotten, unsaid –

By the time I found them again, too much time was lost & so was their essence

Some haunting ones, I often whispered in the dead of the night

A half crazed litany of questions uttered with fervor

Praying to the universe for an enlightenment that never came

On lonely nights, I often wander into this corner of my mind

And wallow in the heap of unanswered questions and wonder

If they will ever see the light of the day?

And I just smile at the irony and let it all be


What do you think?


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Written by Ramya

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