Quest of Happiness

I stepped out on a journey,

To every nook and corner,

In search of happiness.


I visited every desert and bay,

To hear what it had to share,

About contentment and happiness.


I passed by the weeds and the plants,

And the animals, tiny and giant.

They all seemed happy in the wilderness.


I met the aborigines and the tribes,

And the innocent children in glee.

They were the happiest amongst all.


I thought about the reason,

For their unadulterated happiness,

And lo behold! The answer was within me.


Loving thy self, is the key,

To contentment and happiness.

And to spreading cheer.


Thus, ended my journey,

In quest of happiness,

Within myself.


Pic courtesy : Matt Howard at Unsplash

Kirti V


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Written by Kirti V