Que sera sera

The devil plays his nefarious prank

Addiction of evanescent delight is such a horrific trap

The vicious circle becomes a hard nut to crack

Alas! Our hollow attempts to hold the reins of Time!

Que sera sera! Nothing can we dictate!

For the Almighty’s will, will invariably pass!

We’re mere actors in the world’s stage

The Divine Director won’t tolerate any irresponsible action!

In the anticipation of the future we lose our present

The happiness butterfly can sit on anybody

We’d, hence, not fret but do our deeds

The rest, the Divine can handle the best.

Leave aside the attachment to people and pain

Be blissfully ignorant of what happens next

Live the present as if it’s your last day

Que sera sera! The Divine will never fail!


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  1. Good one. I would say live the present as if it’s your first day… So many unknown things to unravel so many experiences to gain🤗🤗
    Goodbyes are always depressing…isnt it? I hope you don’t mind🤗🤗💚💚

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Written by Amrita Mallik

PP Pioneer


Dripping of Dreams