• Joining ArtoonsInn Poetry Parlour = 500 points
  • Reading/watching any Poetry Parlour poet/member’s poem/recital = 3 points (No limit)

-If a registered poet/member views a poem/recital, the author too will get 1 point for each viewing. (No limit)

  • Sharing your thoughts/comments on a poem/recital = 2 points (Max. 2 per post)

-If a registered poet/member shares a comment, the author too will get 1 point for each comment.

  • Approved/Published poem on the website = 25 points (Max. 150 per week)

Note: Only registered members are eligible to claim their Ranks, Badges, and all other future benefits out of the system.


Increase your rank = Increase your visibility at Poetry Parlour.

PP Ranks: https://poetryparlour.com/ranks

Watcher Rewards

  1. 1000 PP points for winning PoAttic events.

More to be added.

Earning at ArtoonsInn

Every 250 PP points = 10 INR

Write to [email protected] to use your points. A minimum of 2500 PP points can be redeemed at a time. A minimum of 500 PP points must always be there in your PP wallet.