Use any flower as a metaphor in your poem.

(You are free to interpret the prompt in any way you deem fit to express yourself with poetry.)

NOTE: This is a weekly Poetry writing exercise hosted by ArtoonsInn Poetry Parlour for poets around the world to take part in.


  1. No restriction on Word/Line count. You are free to experiment with different poetry types, patterns, and techniques. 
  2. You may submit your poem by posting it directly in Poetry Parlour (note that your poem may be delayed approval for various reasons, but shall be approved in time. However, if your poem has been declined, you may have breached one or more of the group rules).
  3. Title your poem appropriately.
  4. You may write and submit only one poem. So make it your best.
  5. Use the hashtags: #Poattic #Flowers #PoetryParlour #ArtoonsInn when you post. (Hashtags are a means to search, locate, and access your posts efficiently.)
  6. This prompt stays open till Friday, 19th June 2020, 3.00 PM IST.
  7. Enjoy writing!

Disclaimer 1: By participating in Poattic, you are allowing ArtoonsInn to share your poem(s) on accepting all ArtoonsInn website T&C.

Poems may be published on the ArtoonsInn website and may be shared on the ArtoonsInn Facebook Page, Poetry Parlour | Room6 of ArtoonsInn, or ArtoonsInn Room9 Publications Facebook Page for the public to read.

–>Poems written prior to the event or works previously published elsewhere are not encouraged. Anyone sharing previously published content may be barred from the upcoming writing events.

–>Participants accused of plagiarism will be removed from ArtoonsInn.



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