Write yourself a piece of poetry – because – let’s admit, who would write one for you than you? Base your poem with the theme ‘Rewind’.

NOTE: This is a Poetry Writing Exercise for all poets from around the world to take part in.


  1. No restriction on word count, however, your poem should be within 20-25 lines. English language only.
    You are free to experiment with different poetry types, patterns, and techniques.
  2. You are expected to post your poems on ArtoonsInn Poetry Parlour, www.poetryparlour.com.
    Register here (in case you haven’t already), to start posting: https://poetryparlour.com/register/
  3. Make sure to select the checkbox ‘Poattic-5‘ along with other relevant checkboxes when you post your poem. Ensure you do not check on the “Watchers Pick” category.
  4. One entry per person. No previously published poems. No plagiarism.
  5. Share the link to your poem once it is approved, on your personal social media account/s and Poetry Parlour’s Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/poetryparlour) to ensure maximum activity on your post. Alternatively, you can use the share buttons at the end of your poem on the website.
  6. Deadline: 24th November 2020 at 23:59 IST. The best poems will be featured as Watchers’ Picks on the website.
  7. All participants will be given a discount coupon to purchase ‘Rewind’, the first book from ArtoonsInn Poetry Parlour published by ArtoonsInn Room9 Publications.
  8. The winner will be declared on ArtoonsInn Recognition Day, November 31th on www.facebook.com/ArtoonsInn
    -Votes, and reviews shared in the comments section of the website may also be considered in picking the winner. Share your poems using the hashtags #ArtoonsInnPoetryParlour and #PoAttic-5.
    -1000 additional PP points will be added to their profile on www.poetryparlour.com
  9. Enjoy writing!

Note 1: Increase your PP points on the website to increase your visibility, ranking, and publishing opportunities in the future.
Know about PP Points: https://poetryparlour.com/points/
Know about PP Ranks:https://poetryparlour.com/ranks

Note 2: ArtoonsInn encourages unity in learning and sharing. Read the poems of your fellow participants and drop your thoughts in the comments on the website. Make sure to do it for the participants who add a hashtag #rulfy along with their comments.
Read more about ArtoonsInn Rulfy Policy here: www.poetryparlour.com/rulfy

Note 3: Participants accused of plagiarism will be removed from ArtoonsInn.

Note 4: If you are facing any trouble formatting your poem, write to [email protected]

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