Use the words “can you hear me?” in your poem.

You are free to interpret the prompt in any way you deem fit to express yourself with poetry.

NOTE: This is a Poetry Writing Exercise for all poets from around the world to take part in.


  1. No restriction on Word count. However, your poem should be of 5 stanzas. Each stanza may have any number of lines as you choose.
    You are free to experiment with different poetry types, patterns and techniques. 
  2. You are expected to post your poems on ArtoonsInn Poetry Parlour,
    Register here in case you haven’t already, to start posting:
  3. Make sure to select the checkbox ‘Poattic-3’ along with other relevant checkboxes when you post your poem.
  4. One entry per person. No previously published writings. No plagiarism.
  5. Share the link to your poem once it is published on your personal social media account/s to ensure maximum activity on your post. Alternatively, you can use the share buttons at the end of your poem on the website.
  6. ArtoonsInn Rulfy Policy:
    Be sportive and encourage each other. Read the poems of your fellow participants and drop your thoughts on their poems in the comments on the website.
  7. Deadline: 22nd September 2020 at 23:59. The best poems will be featured as Watchers’ Picks on the website.
  8. Enjoy writing!

–>ArtoonsInn encourages creativity. Kindly avoid sharing poems written prior to the event or works previously published elsewhere.

–>Participants accused of plagiarism will be removed from all ArtoonsInn websites.




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