Plight Of The Unfortunates

The Rich are getting Richer

Poor are getting poorer

We hear it everyday

But all we do really is sit and pray,

For the people who are undernourished

Have no homes and are famished

This crisis of Poverty is a social Injustice

But all we care is Piri-Piri Fries with extra ketchup

These days Kids Don’t eat food for a new video game

But have you once thought about those poor kids

Who are working at such a tender age

And so when your kids complaint

Then Let them feel ashamed

Because those one day outfit

That they threw away

Are like Gold Mine for those poor children

Poverty is an issue that we create

I agree they are born in debt and decay

But finest Diamonds are found from coal tray

However there is a way

To eradicate Poverty

By giving equal opportunity to the worthy

Upliftment for a better cause

Where you’ll even get blessed by the God

Not everybody is born With a Silver Spoon

So Don’t just sit and watch if their conditions improve

Cut this line of Poverty by creating more jobs

Help them Renovate Their Houses

Or Invest in Their Child’s Education, well that’s your call

But don’t just perch and stall

Let them know

That Humanity hasn’t died afterall

Don’t let them sleep cold near the street

Help them be warm and in peace

For they deserve their basic needs

When you do this just notice their wide smiles

Those twinkle in their eyes

And next time if your daughter cries

For a new PC or mobile

Show them what real Poverty is

That they should appreciate being the fortunates.


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  1. This is really beautiful message.

    Poverty the shackles unbroken
    Grown over ages for I pull in
    And never wish to depart them
    For I fear, losing my own galore.

    The shine of yellow gold
    Calls me even more bold
    Sharing them is impossible
    Sorry I can’t help poverty please.

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Written by Rupali Manhas

Just A 17 year old girl

Hiding from the real world

But knows how to express her feelings through  words

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