The first touch of golden sunlight

Lights up your tortoiseshell stripes,

On another misty winter morn.

Sometimes, I’d wish for an orange tabby 

Who’d chat and mewl with my talkative daddy.

 Ah, yet what a delightful sight it is

To see you amidst 

Motes dancing in early sunlight!


What brings you to our backyard?

Aloof and still as a statue 

Of Patience, with sparse motion!

Except for whiskers trembling,

Or the thud of soft paws,

And the slightest of guttural sounds

 And, your eyes blinking,

Expanding and shrinking 

Into a standoffish stare.

Your hypnotic gaze commands,

That I rush when it’s breakfast time.

Your critters mewl, yowl, whine and purr

And thump their tails,

Waiting to lap milk off the saucer.

Later just after their tummy’s full 

My ears are delighted to hear

Your complacent feline purr.

My eyes await your leisurely 

 Regal stretch. You lazily arch your back, 

Slinking behind my charpoy

To exhibit it’s departure time!

Ah my enchanted eyes,

Follow your gentle

Sleepy, raspy throaty purr,

Fathoming fully well, 

The mysterious ways of a cheshire.


© Mumtaz N Khorakiwala


Picture courtesy: Kari Shea



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