Please, Let Me Breathe!

Like the fiery Golden ball

She glimmers in a red Banarasi

her hazel coloured eyes twinkling,

emanating a stream of hope,

Her Auburn hair garlanded

with jasmine buds, spreading

an invigorating fragrance

her milky-satin toes embellished

in passionate red design

symbolize deity resides in her,

the melodious clinking

of her gold bangles

resonating the warm wishes

of her parents,

the blood-red vermilion

adorning her forehead

assures the change

of the name

of her Guardian,

The new bride basking

at every touch of

Her Man!

Miles away…

Appearing like

a chunk of broken cloud

She crouches on the mud

draped in a pearly white saree;

Others blame her for her loss,

the saltwater creek that trickles down

her turquoise eyes, narrate

her suffering, her silent pain

her messy brown hair tucked

in a loose bun show

her hopeless state,

her burnt, cracked heels

swollen fingertips

depicts her battle with

everyday life,

the colourful glass bangles

that once ornamented her sleek wrist

now lay shattered into

numerous shards, each reflecting

her depressing image,

her broad empty forehead

looks dull, colourless

leaving tiny traces of red vermillion

that the others failed to wipe,

Her Guardian name

still the same

but her reality changed, forever.

One world-different rules

One culture-different practise

One life-different hardship

Diverse thoughts of United mankind!

(Wrote this poem for a prompt during the #NaPoWriMo challenge.)


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  1. Ahhhh! In the beginning, the description was so warm and promising. It brought a smile on my face. The next part, brought an immense pain and showed the reality of life, the reality of a dependent. Tears flow down my eyes.
    Your descriptions are so perfect dear. It takes the reader to the depths! Immensely powerfulπŸ‘πŸ‘

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