Please forgive me

“Thank you,” I wanted to say

When you stopped by to check on me

To ensure that my mind hadn’t taken over my body,

To confirm that my emotions weren’t controlling me


“Thank you” I wanted to say

When you heard my silence

And just pressed my hands

To assure you were there, if I needed to speak


“Thank you,” I wanted to say

When you held my hand and lifted me

Guiding me to the pitfalls at the crossroads

Watching me as I treaded one of those


“Thank you,” I wanted to say

For the compromises you made, for our relationship

For the infinite love you showered on me

For the sleepless nights you spent for me


But I was distraught, and maybe I was lost

But I always found you, right beside me,

No questions asked, no judgments passed,

Unconditional support, you always offered me


And for all those times, when I wished to thank

But assumed you understood how grateful I am

And words of gratitude never reached my lips

I am sincerely remorseful and apologetic


Indebted to you I stand today

To you, I owe all my glory,

So I now bow my head and say,

“Please forgive me, I’m truly sorry.”

P.S. This poem is an ode to all those people in our lives- parents, siblings, friends, spouse, whom we tend to take for granted.

©Vandana Bhasin



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    • Totally my pleasure Shweta! It’s for all the parents, friends and relationships that are so crucial and yet miss the essentials that we use with even strangers. I’m so happy you found it worthy of sharing 🙂

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