Play me wise, I am a mere word ..

Alphabets and placements,

Is all you do,

Emotions and sentiments are all I play,

I am a word, yes, you hear me right,

A mere word, detached from all the sentiments,

Yet ,you make me whited sepulchre.

Your play of words and the recipients,

Are the decoder of my language.

I am the Kindred word oozing from different mouths, with different emotions,

One carry me along,

Another throw me aside,

All blame is mine,

Though it’s a wordplay,

I am just an assimilation of alphabets.

You can choose me wisely, you can play me wisely,

You can please a person, you can deceive him onset.

You can make him cry, you can raise him high,

All in all, a word and all,

Just your spill and my yell.

Choose me right, I shall be your crochet,

I am rich, sober and diligent for I am linguistic eloquent.

Play me wise.



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Written by Great.S.Upase


Writing is the echo of one's soul,

Song of unheard calls,

And weaving of dreams.



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