Pearls lost in Gold





the shimmering blue blushed

and the twinkling fireballs 

waltzed through the night

The placid lake reflected 

the silver orb, 

and the playful breeze danced on    

it’s tranquil surface and there  my heart

Oh! It paced fast.


the dews on the grass blades 

caressed by calm sole

Passion trickling down my veins

the throbbing of the heart induced

as for the first time my lips tasted 

the sweet flavour of your lips. 


the swelling lake splashed

on the broken edges of the bank

the chirping crickets and croaking toads

rendered a harmonious melody

to the ears and there, once again

my pulse marched ahead

and tiptoed you occupied

the languid fragment of my heart.


the scent of spring cascading all over me 

as your warm fingertips touch every curve of this breathing chunk

pouring life into this existing piece of meat

the nearby daisies, daffodils toss their crowns in glee

the aroma of your breath percolating within me

and your sweet tangy taste lingers on my lips.


Cracking the serene night rises the fireball

golden streams touch every corner of this dreamy realm

the ebbs reflecting blond streaks on my face 

and I hunt for your sturdy shoulders to lean

and hide the passionate moments 

But Alas! Like every other night

Pearly dreams dissolve into the Golden beams, forever!

*golden- sonaliπŸ˜›

Pic courtesy: artoonVinoth


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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
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