You promised me social justice

Then raped me because I was a Dalit born

You took from me, my land and my honour

And left me of my dignity shorn .

You promised me liberty of faith

Then killed me for worshipping a different god

No right I had to express my thoughts

Not in written document nor in spoken word.

You promised me equality of status

Then for being a woman you pushed me down

You alone lay claim to the kingdom

The throne, the sceptre and the crown.

You promised me fraternity and unity

Then divided me on caste, colour and creed

The promised integrity of the nation

Was sacrificed at your alter of greed.

You promised me strength in diversity

Then mocked me for my โ€œchinkyโ€ eyes

You snatched away my hills and forests

My piece of brown earth and clear blue skies.

O, sculptors of our independent nation

Here democracy everyday a painful death dies

And the Holy Grail that you so painstakingly wrote

Has been reduced to a parody of lies!


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Written by DOEL

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