Paper Planes

My heart like  a paper plane,

soars, guided by a strange force

Sketching, seeking it’s fortune

Charting its own coveted course
Hope intertwine its creases

Dreams align, lacing  its folds

swooping, stretching ‘n straining

It yearns to cut across the threshold
It but pummels,  plunges to rock-bottom

It’s vagaries but, never come to a naught

It lies there pining perpetually,

to take wing again ‘n never get caught
A hand picks it up, revoking its fancies

Cravings to twirl among the trees

Longing to dance on the dewed daisies

but it wasn’t to be, that wasn’t its destiny
The hand crushes it, scrunches it out of shape

Bruised ‘n broken, it remains with no where to escape


What do you think?


Written by Supriya

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