Pair of eyes

Look at the dark sky

Said the little one

I said looks stellar isn’t it

As always the reply was yes from his end

For each day he rose to darkness

While the world

Opened its eyes to the glistening sky

For the little one the sun, the moon and stars

All were just names

He slept listening to fairy tales that woke in the night

And  he woke up to the chirping birds

But everything was in the darkness for he was yet waiting

For the gift of life

The pair of eyes




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April 11th 2021

Sonali Ray … the propmt just made me write  about  cause  that  I feel close to my heart šŸ’š


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Written by Fatema

When life took a pause, Writing gave me a voice.

I am simply twisted .

Dentist by profession .

Writer by passion.

Mrs Kantawala at my Mansion.

Mother to awesome childrenĀ  who are a big reason behind my writing.

I pen down my random thoughts as blogs, poems and quotes.

I am very glad to be a part of this amazingĀ  writing platform.

Thank youšŸ˜Š


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