Overthinking !!!!

How do you manage to

Work so much

Like really how

Everytime  I get a thought

You are already at the other side

I try to make some

Collective decisions

You have already made conclusions

Dear mind

Even at night

As I want to admire the moon

And just star gaze

You make it difficult

By sending schedules

For next days.

While I try to fall asleep

You switch my dreams.

Can you be in synchrony

with my heart

Making life less worked up

Dear mind please don’t


For I need a mind that only thinks

And not a cloud that I carry on my head

That governs my life as a timetable

Where I have to  just live in.


What do you think?

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Written by Fatema

When life took a pause, Writing gave me a voice.

I am simply twisted .

Dentist by profession .

Writer by passion.

Mrs Kantawala at my Mansion.

Mother to awesome childrenΒ  who are a big reason behind my writing.

I pen down my random thoughts as blogs, poems and quotes.

I am very glad to be a part of this amazingΒ  writing platform.

Thank you😊


Oliver Is Twisted.

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