Open Spaces

The space in your mind that prided itself for its open-mindedness is clogged now 

refusing to allow entry to ones who were once your very own, who still are 

but are stopped by your bar

which you planted in cement out of nowhere,

here, there, everywhere!

Now, when I want to reach out, you make your relaxed body erect,

your jaw muscles begin their restless workout again

and I know then, that you just closed the gates of your mind again.

Does it make any difference that there is someone else in your life?

Our relationship was unconditional,

then, why the stale barriers that pretend to be firm, wanting me no way near your thoughts.

I am no stealer of reflections or emotions.

And yet, you demand your share of space after years of bonding.

How was I to know those little tantrums of ‘no space at home’, ‘I need my privacy’ were only indications of the coming storm.

Now, I fret and fume while you make plans for a future with someone else.

I am willing to walk the entire distance to calm your stressed nerves and listless mind

if only you permit me to do so.

Until then, I shall wait in hope 

like you do.

Sad, your hope and mine no longer merge…


What do you think?


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Written by Shail Raghuvanshi

The Lantern Girl!

Magic portion of My Life