One Life

  • She loved dancing in rain,
    Amphan snatched everyone and left her in pain,
    Shattered she sat cuddled up in her shovel,
    Gazed at the flickering light of the lantern.
    The pitter-patter on the tin shed,
    Rains were calling her to dance again,
    Shutting her ears with her hands,
    She covered her torso with hay strands,
    The petrichor cast a spell,
    Chills froze her torso,
    The pain of caged soul was unbearable,
    The confined soul turned desolate!
    As the pitch night marked the advent of dawn,
    Basking in utopian warmth,
    It’s now or never she thought,She rose and swayed in arms of the wind,
    Fell from the hills like a waterfall,
    Danced like a river making her way!



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Written by Aarti Roy

A free soul, passionate dancer and wordsmith❤️

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