One grain of sand


“One grain of sand, one task at a time”

My father often reminded me,

Directing at his hourglass


“Dad it’s a massive, complex project,

How would it ever see daylight?”

With innocence aglow, I would quetch with teary eyes


“Don’t worry honey, let’s start with baby steps,” he would suggest

“Give it heartily, the time it deserves,”

“It’s the little things that combine to be immense,”


As I grew up, I tucked onto his lessons

Hassled I would be, with multitude of life

But I would calm myself with one task at a time


As the pace of life outweighed on me

“Baby steps” I would remind myself

And back on track, I’d soon find myself


Smilingly, I would observe his hourglass,

How patiently it handled the pile of sand

Filtering slowly one by one,


Just one grain of sand

Just one grain at a time!


©Vandana Bhasin




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