Once upon a time…

let’s hear a story of once upon a time… 

when life was simple, unsoiled, no trace of grime

the oceans were clean and so were the rains

when life soared high in coloured marble-paper planes.

when vacations meant friends, fun and outdoor games

when laughs ensued on silly matters, not controlled by memes

when cousins and siblings spent nights giggling on the terrace

when dancing in the rains, splashing puddles felt joyous.

when the roadside lollipops tasted heavenly

when on holidays the hearts planned how to skip studies, cleverly

when grandma’s stories were lullabies to our ripening ears

when drizzle inspired the feet to dance not the eyes hide the tears.

when every occasion meant a gathering of family members

when lips didn’t master the art of smiling while the heart’s in embers

when on platinum nights amidst the fragrant blooms passionate souls strolled

when life didn’t pace but blissfully enjoyed every kiss of the Gold.

So here ends the story of once upon a time

when life was simple, unsoiled, no trace of grime.


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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
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