O'gal, You are Super Everywhere!!!

Her birth is always a story of survival,

A proud father announces her arrival,

Pampered more than her immediate rival,

Wishes fulfilled instantly, without deprival.


Her childhood days are simply the best,

The girl plays a lot, also gets equal rest,

She is treated as the Queen of the Nest,

Seeking her approval becomes a regular test.


Her maturity reflects as she touches teenage,

The thought process undergoes a change,

The seed sown earlier reflects at this age,

Her decisions for her life begin from this stage.


Her growing years paves the way for life ahead.

The young dynamic gal starts earning her bread,

She starts commanding her rules, her wings spread,

Her relationship with her parents goes haywire, which even she dreads.


Her vision of life being clear, she moves ahead gleefully,

From a girl to a woman she manages everything gracefully,

Being a Queen of her thoughts, nothing can be worked forcefully,

The best quality is the work-life balance, which she manages peacefully.


Her role changes drastically, now being a wife and a mother,

Every stage she adapts, a new self within the self, she begins to discover,

She fights tooth and nail to ensure the child gets a proper cover,

Her life moves swiftly, and now, she gets promoted to grandmother.

O’gal, you are a Superwoman in all your roles!!!


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