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Of Snows and Stars

the last of the Winter’s snow melt into nothing

the seasons are changing –

winter bidding a sultry goodbye

and here i am โ€“ still standing

cherry blossoms fluttering down

like how the first snow of the season

scrambled to fill the crevices of the brown


a winter gone, a summer new,

worn sweatshirts and mufflers blue

i search the skies for the stars that aligned

to put us in each other’s view,

alas, they say, stars like seasons โ€“

die a dwindling death too


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  1. You live among the stars, isn’t it? And your love has filtered through the layers of the skies and has been there since lightyears. Mesmerizing as always, Ms Thaslim!

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Written by Husna Thaslim

Lost somewhere in an alternate universe while sailing through the stars and looking for my long lost moons, trying to harness a jarful of stardust to bring home, in between trading bits of my soul for half-written pieces of poetry.

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