‘What’s the point of hard work?’ laments many.

Hard work and desperate prayers bring no colours,

No blooming of their progress they can witness,

Although consciously ethical and morally upright.


The ignorant and little educated men are the rulers,

Letting power and corruption win every time,

Trampling on real education and making,

Even the educated their puppets.


Hence, the survival of the fittest,

Gets relegated to being obsequious,

For that brings everything required for living,

In fact, more than actually needed.


The sad state of society hardly anyone bothers,

It just heats up a conversation and banter.

People messing up and performing like the herd,

Keeping their brains in the closet.


For the heartless and brainless men

The real fighters continue to suffer,

Yet, they don’t surrender and persist,

For, hope is a dangerous addiction.


What do you think?


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Written by Amrita Mallik

PP Pioneer

O Autumn Winds